Initiates Parent Employee Program


New Delhi December 27, 2013: an online job portal has initiated a Parent Employee Program to balance the scales of professional and personal lives of the employees.

The work place culture is today about engaging the families of employees and creating a cohesive bond which is more personalized and family driven. has introduced an innovative concept wherein the employees’ families visit the workplace of their son and daughter and experience the workplace atmosphere in which their children are mushrooming.

 The initiative is to ensure that workplaces no longer remain an alien place for parents or rather parents can take a sigh of relief and be assured that their children are in the right organization with the right company of people.This initiative has laid a new foundation in Corporate World nurturing healthy relations among employees and their employers.  

 The sense of security is not witnessed in terms of job security, medical benefits or salary appraisals but by bringing families close to their children’s workplace. It was there in the childhood days when the parents use to know about their child’s progress during Monthly Parent Teacher Meetings. With changing times, when kids get mature and start working, the role of parents in their professional lives is negligible. One can observe a lack of connect between parents and their children due to a lot of work pressure and generation gap.

 Mr Bhupender Mehta, Founder &CEO, says, “We at ChangeYourBoss believe in a participative leadership style wherein employees are free to discuss the insand outs of the premises where one works. We introduced this program to bring a strong connect between parents and employees so as to make the parents aware about their kids workplaces where they spend their almost complete day.The initiative has really helped a lot of employees in fostering better relation at home as well as to maintain the balance in work and personal lives” CCI Newswire


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