Scientific analysis of communication vital to understanding effective leadership in Indian business


Gurgaon, July 16, 2016: India is changing in every direction. Economic changes with globalization and the increase in foreign direct investment is creating rapid cultural changes in rural and urban environments as well as among social networks and families. In addition, technological advancements and its dissemination to different facets of Indian society have resulted in a business environment which sees constant disruptions in its systems and processes.

A key part of The NorthCap University’s mission is to explore the science behind communications in this new environment and to enable effective leadership in an era of technological and digital disruption in business. In this regard, the University is pleased to announce a workshop is being held on the 9th of July titled ‘The Essence of Leadership and the Art of Communication’ at The NorthCap University from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Some of its focus areas include the perspectives on what it takes to become a high impact leader, the tools needed to lead others and oneself, and the different types of dialogue key to authentic leadership.

Hosting this workshop will be communications expert Preeti Singh, who has 18 years of experience in communications with organizations including Mckinsey and Company, Indian School of Business and USIS. Along with Preeti will be executive coach Sanjay Saraf, an expert in training corporate executives to become better managers and leaders. Registration for the workshop is now open.


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