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New Delhi, August 16, 2017: Sesame oil is derived from a 6 ft (1.8 m) tall, herbaceous annual plant named Sesamum indicum belonging to the Pedaliaceae family. This plant is found to have a variety of therapeutic properties, which is why it is being embraced by Western herbalists with open arms.

Apart from the popular purposes of the oil, some other uses include its usage in cooking (as an ingredient in margarine and salad dressings) and in certain cosmetics and skin softening products. The mystical plant is native to regions of Asia and Africa especially the countries of India, China, where it is primarily cultivated.

The report titled “ North America Sesame Oil Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2022 ” focuses on the Sesame Oil market in North America, especially in a few countries, namely the United States, Canada and Mexico. It categorizes the market based on manufacturers, countries, the various types and applications of sesame oil.

Based on manufacturers, the report covers a detailed market segment analysis of “Kadoya”, “TAKEMOTO OIL & FAT”, “Kuki Sangyo”, “Flavor Full”, “Dipasa”, “Iwai Sesame Oil”, “Henan Dingzhi”, “Chee Seng”, “Eng Hup Seng”, “Wilmar”, “Hunan Cheer COME”, “BGG”, “Sastha Oil”, “Anhui Yanzhuang”, “Shandong Ruifu”. Next is the market segment classification based upon the various countries (as already mentioned above) consisting of a comprehensive analysis of the United States, Canada and Mexico. The various market segments by type include “White Sesame Oil”, “Black Sesame Oil” and others. Finally, market segments differentiated by applications include “Food and Health Industry”, “Pharmaceutical Industry”, “Cosmetic and Skin Care Industry” and others.

After a general analysis, the report delves into a specific country wise analysis for United States, Canada and Mexico of the North American region since they have remained to be the major markets for the product in the North American subcontinent. The country-wise, market type-wise and application-wise analysis has been well carried out on the basis of existing and expected sales values, prices, revenue earned, individual market share and rate of growth.

The current manufacturing costs, main raw materials and the process by which sesame oil is manufactured, along with the industrial chain, sourcing strategy and downstream end users well suggests that future for this particular is bright as amelioration has been registered by the market year after year. Further, in the coming years it is expected that this market will persist making profits with much newer methods being introduced for oil extraction also resulting in low prices for the same. On a whole, in the next five years itself affirmative changes are anticipated to change the existing structure of the market.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

North America Oil Market Research Report

North America Black Sesame Oil Import Value

North America White Sesame Oil Import Value

North America Black Sesame Oil Export Value

North America White Sesame Oil Export Value

North America Sesame Oil Market Revenue

North America Food and Health Industry Future Outlook

North America Vegetable Seed Oil Market Trends

North America Olive Oil Market Demand

North America Sesame Oil Extraction Industry Analysis

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New Delhi, August 16, 2017: At the BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology taking place in Montreal, Canada, Praj Industries Ltd (Praj) and Gevo, Inc. (Gevo) unveiled a new commercial opportunity in renewable bio products, jointly announcing that Gevo's proprietary isobutanol technology will now be available for licensing to processors of sugar cane juice and molasses. This follows on the back of Praj's development work, adapting Gevo's technology to sugar cane and molasses feed stocks.

A Joint Development Agreement and a Development License Agreement were entered into between Praj and Gevo in November 2015. The goal of these agreements was for Praj to adapt Gevo's isobutanol technology to using non-corn based sugars and lignocellulose feed stocks. The process technology development was performed at Matrix, Praj's R&D center located in Pune, India.

In the first phase of development, Praj worked with Gevo's technology using sugar cane and molasses feed stocks, undertaking test-runs in order to develop a process design package that will now be offered for commercialization to cane juice and molasses-based ethanol plants, as licensees of Gevo's isobutanol technology. Licensing is expected to be focused on Praj plants located in India, South America and South East Asia, with initial capacity targeted to come on-line in the 2019/2020 time frame.

"We are pleased with the work that Praj has done in adapting our technology using cane juice and molasses as feed stocks. Praj is a great partner who shares our vision of low carbon fuels made from sugars in high yields. Praj has a massive footprint across the world. We look forward to working with Praj to license the technology out, leveraging their access and capabilities," said Dr. Patrick Gruber,Chief Executive Officer of Gevo.

Pramod Chaudhari, Executive Chairman, Praj, added, "We are excited to offer this technology to our global customers who stand to benefit from an additional revenue stream from isobutanol. Praj has worked on 750 projects for ethanol plants across 75 countries. This isobutanol platform can be offered as 'bolt-on' to an existing ethanol plant or as a greenfield plant Isobutanol technology is the latest addition to Praj's diverse product portfolio and reinforces our organization's leadership in the bio energy space."

Isobutanol has several direct applications as a gasoline blend stock or as a specialty chemical solvent, or it can be used as an intermediate which can be further converted into other chemical products or hydrocarbons such as Gevo's alcohol-to-jet fuel (ATJ) and isooctane.

In comparison to other renewable jet fuels, Gevo's ATJ has the potential to offer the optimal solution in terms of operating cost, capital cost, feed stock availability and scalability. In addition to being a lower carbon alternative, ATJ also offers performance advantages such as lower particulates, low sulfur content and a lower freezing point. Alaska Airlines, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy have all flown flights using Gevo's ATJ, derived from isobutanol using corn and cellulosic materials as feed stocks.

Isooctane and renewable gasoline made from cane juice and molasses based isobutanol are expected to be very low in carbon content, offering new approaches to markets where low carbon fuels are valued, such as California and other geographies.

Gevo is expected to be the primary off-taker, marketer and initial distributor for isobutanol produced from the plants built by Praj that use Gevo's isobutanol technology.

In the next phase of commercialization, Praj is working to adapt Gevo's technology to Praj's 2nd Generation bio-refineries enabling the production of isobutanol from lignocellulosic biomass.

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New Delhi, August 16, 2017: Thames Water is the largest water and wastewater service provider in the UK with in excess of15 million customers. In partnership with the eight2o alliance, Thames Water initiated a project to manage all of its asset information created in the current AMP6 cycle, the UK government's process of tendering asset management contracts to private firms to maintain the country's water infrastructure. The primary goal of the project is to enhance Thames Water's processes involving its asset data, and to improve water efficiency and effluent quality. As a result of efficiencies gained, Thames Water hopes to reduce the TOTEX (total expenditure) of the project by 20 percent using Bentley's applications.

To reduce TOTEX, the eight2o alliance needed to improve collaboration between architects, engineering firms, consultants and the client. But, Thames Water had to ensure uninterrupted service to its customers during this project. Significant government legislation also had to be factored in, as these initiatives were driving change and innovation in the water industry in the

UK. One requirement was for Thames Water to be BIM Level 2 compliant, providing rigor and consistency by enforcing collaborative 3D technology to the project.

Previously, Thames Water's asset management system did not support engineering drawings. For the project to be a success, the alliance needed a federated approach to managing its engineering designs and documents. It required a connected data environment to house all its designs (including 3D and 4D construction simulation data), geo spatial data, hydraulic models, technical documents, and legal and regulatory compliance documents. This connected data environment would need to inter operate with other existing applications seamlessly to align with the AMP6 goals in order to deliver compliance.

Thames Water selected Bentley's Project Wise CONNECT Edition as the preferred platform, providing the connected data environment in a cloud environment. This hosted solution seamlessly integrated its people, process, and asset information, and improved information mobility through the use of i-models. As a result, Thames Water is now BIM Level 2 compliant, with the entire supply chain working in a common format, sharing a connected data environment.

Thames Water is well on its way to being BIM Level 3 compliant as it strives for better asset performance.

Kevin Bezant, BIM manager, eight2o, said, "We combined Bentley's ProjectWise CONNECT Edition with the provision of a hybrid cloud environment to securely host and manage eight2o design information. This has driven efficiency into the AMP6 capital program and provided

Thames Water's asset management teams with enriched asset information that can be reused time and time again throughout the life of the asset."

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New Delhi, August 16, 2017: AXELOS , announces the launch of PRINCE2® 2017, the latest version of world’s most widely used Project Management Methodology in India.

PRINCE2® is firmly established as the world’s most practiced method for project management and is globally recognized for delivering successful projects. The updated PRINCE2® ensures the method’s tried and tested approach to project management, with its overall structure of seven principles, themes and processes. The PRINCE2® method is comprised of seven themes, principles and processes and equips Practitioners with the knowledge to manage projects in a range of environments.

The update is characterized by an emphasis on tailoring PRINCE2® to the needs of organizations and project environments; the principles that underpin PRINCE2®; greater clarity on the link between the themes and principles; the restructuring of the themes guidance to accommodate specific examples of tailoring; and the practical application of the guidance, with numerous examples, hints and tips, among others.

Speaking on the occasion, Cameron Stewart, Global Head of PPM Product Development at AXELOS says, “We are feeling extremely delighted to launch the latest version of PRINCE2® in India, that is effectively designed to be rightsized,and to be tailored in order to prepare organizations for varying, flexing and fastest-ever evolving environments. The exams have been updated and now the exams are about intelligently applying what you learned from our updated material, and our amazing partner network, with their expert trainers.PRINCE2® has always been Agile friendly and Agile enabled, and with this latest version, organizations can deliver tailored solutions in an Agile way.”

PRINCE2® is a process-based approach for project management, which is being used across various diversified sectors of the Indian economy majorly including Construction, Manufacturing, Automobiles, IT Providers, BFSI - Banking and Financial Institutes, Telecom, FMCG, and Government projects, among others.

Luis Ribero, Account Manager, AXELOS, UK says, “With the launch of PRINCE2® 2017 in India, we are committed to strengthening our existing partnerships, and developing new partnerships to expand our global footprint in the fastest-growing markets across the Asia Pacific region. We will continue to monitor the PPM community feedback as well as to improve our entire portfolio whether through new product development, or the maintenance and updating of existing products.”

Quint Wellington Redwood is officially authorized as Accredited Training Provider for PRINCE2® certification courses in India by APMG-International.Quint believes that applying and enhancing best practices is more important than protecting them.

Sunil Mehta, MD, Quint India says, “We feel extremely privileged to launch the latest version of PRINCE2®, which is the world’s most practiced method for project management in India. As an Accredited Training Provider for PRINCE2®, we are dedicatedly addressing the training needs of talented professionals and organizations while leveraging PRINCE2®’s strength derived from decades of Best Practice in project management across diverse organizations and industries.”

In digitally-driven Indian marketplace, organizations are continually adopting agile practices to actively align their project management business unit with the delivery of the organization’s vision, strategy and objectives. PRINCE2® has always been applicable in a wide variety of environments and this includes environments that favor an agile approach to project management. The PRINCE2® 2017 update includes specific guidance on agile adoption and makes direct reference, where relevant, to PRINCE2® Agile. PRINCE2® 2017 update also provides guidance on identifying the minimum requirement for a PRINCE2® project and on making selective, but optimum use of PRINCE2®’s elements to suit the scale of the project in hand.

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New Delhi, August 16, 2017: Untitled 002 is the second edition of a series of musical acts that take place at anti SOCIAL every month. An initiative conceptualised in collaboration with Un Mute, it's aim is to support and provide a platform for homegrown artists and keep the underground music culture ingrained.

On Thursday, July 27th, three artists across cities come together to give you a glimpse into the divergent and experimental renditions of chill-hop, RnB, future-bass and electronic music genres at anti SOCIAL. So, head over and delve in to some nifty tunes.

the artists:

Chrms aka Veer Kowli is a young electronic producer based in Mumbai, India. Inspired by the likes of Flume, Porter Robinson, Oshi and Mr. Carmack. Veer has loved experimenting with design, film and music and has been producing music since the age of 9. He likes to make sounds that have never been heard before without restricting himself to any particular genre, making everything from super-chill, ethereal and feel good tracks to heavy, RnB inspired bangers.

Azadi Records is a Delhi-based independent record label. Established in 2017 and founded by Uday Kapur, the label seeks to provide a platform for South Asian artists to release forward-thinking, politically conscious music that critically engages with (and comments on) the pressing issues of our time. Their aim is not being underground, but to highlight pertinent stories that are often ignored by the mainstream. They are the label of the culturally conscious, the creators of stories, the explorers of new sounds, new visuals and new mediums that initiate dialogue between different communities around the world.

Sidharth Ezhilan makes music under the name "Ezzyland". Born in Salem, Tamil Nadu, he was a resident of Dubai for over a decade before returning to Chennai earlier this year. In 2008, he started off making hip-hop beats after being heavily inspired by exposure to an unhealthy amount of rap music at an early age. Two years later, the sound cloud subculture moved him onto electronic and more experimental sounds, giving rise to the "Alien Brown" and "STRVNGELXXPS2" EPs. His "Flava waves" EP landed him a second interview with Rolling Stone India, that later led him to fused some of these elements in his first foray into dance music thus birthing ''Comfort Zone".

Three months later, he dropped "Trap Machi". This project fuses ambient and trip-hop elements with basic trap elements. The track "Deploy Emoji" is the first future-bass track Ezzy ever produced.

His latest EP "Neon Grafx 3k9" is future themed. It draws alternative, ambient and jazz influences. Low key, he plans to break barriers between the mainstream garbage and the indie scene thus changing the sounds coming out of India and bridging his homeland with the rest of the world.


Date: 27th July 2017

Time: 8:30 p.m

Address: antiSOCIAL, Third Floor, 9A & 12, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Entry: 300 INR

Link: https://www.facebook.com/ events/151716078723915/

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Collaboration with IIM Bangalore and the Department of Science and Technology will mentor students and fund winning teams with INR 3.5 crore for start-up

Bangalore, August 16, 2017: Texas Instruments (TI) today announced the launch of the second edition of India Innovation Challenge Design Contest (IICDC2017), with registrations for the contest opening on July 20th, 2017 at www.ti.com/iicdc . The last date for registration is September 10, 2017 will be TI will continue the collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) and Department of Science and Technology (DST) to nurture innovation and consistent with the goals of the Make in India program. In the year long journey, IICDC 2017 will include an intense mentoring program for students.

Last year, IICDC 2016 attracted registrations from 11,000 engineering students across 624 colleges in India. Anamika Verma, an IIT Mumbai participant, said: “IICDC has raised standards for other design contests in the country. TI, along with its partners, worked with us as a team. I would highly recommend students from engineering colleges to apply for IICDC 2017.”

During IICDC 2017, TI will provide resources and in-depth technical training program throughout the contest. DST will provide INR 3.5 crores to the student start-ups for prototyping and seed funding. NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore will provide business mentoring and incubation support. My Gov, the government’s online portal, will be extended to the participants for registration.

“TI believes in nurturing engineering students through our university program, especially through experiential learning. IICDC is a great example of this. We are thankful to all the partners for helping us build IICDC as a thriving platform for young minds to generate ideas and then launch their start-ups” said, Sanjay Srivastava, Director, TI India University Program .

Professor Suresh Bhagavatula, Chairperson, Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development, N S Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) at IIM Bangalore, said: “IIMB sees an exciting opportunity through this collaboration with TI on the IICDC by coming across unique entrepreneurial ideas from the best talents of the country and helping them incubate the ideas and transform them into successful enterprises. With mentors from NSRCEL, we see a lot of growth and competitive opportunity for students who want to address critical problems through their innovations.”

“DST’ scollaboration with TI’s IICDC provides impetus to the development of science and technology within the country. With this, we encourage students to engineer path-breaking solutions that bring socio economic change.” saidMr. H.K. Mittal, advisor and head of NSTEDB, DST.

Commenting on the partnership,Mr. Gaurav Dwivedi, CEO of MyGov, said: “MyGov is glad to support DST and TI India in bringing innovative ideas from different corners of the country to one platform, thus further strengthening government’s Make in India program. The Innovative Platform of MyGov has been developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) that has great engagement and evaluation features to conduct such contests. The platform has hosted number of such innovative contests in recent years.”


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