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Kolkata, June 13, 2017: The Center for International Competitiveness and Research has recently launched the glittering Annual Global Power Brands compendium along with the mega listing of the World's Most Recognizable Brands on 12 th May 2017 at The Oval, London, with a grand show – Power Brands LIFE (London International Forum for Equality).

At the sparkling and most notable summit, based on the global research conducted by the Center for International Competitiveness and Research, Supertron Electronics was conferred the esteemed title of Power Brands “Rising Stars” in the presence of International luminaries from across the globe.

The annual International brands’ research is undertaken on tens of thousands of brands from multiple industry segments across the globe. Out of these, as per the results of the global research conducted, 3701 brands qualified for the “World’s Most Recognizable Brands Club”. From these, 732 brands qualified as most recognizable brands in the USA; 989 brands as most recognizable in the European continent; 1030 as most recognizable in Australia and Asia and 304 brands as most recognizable in Middle East & Africa. Only 646 brands amongst the tens of thousands of brands researched earned the hallowed and invaluable status of Global Power Brands, brands which truly belong to the world. Out of these illustrious 646 brands Global Power Brands, 50 have been accorded the superstar status of Iconic Power Brands (Global) and only 12 have been conferred the unique and most coveted status of Cult Power Brands (Global). The grand evening of the launch saw a get-together of the who's who from London's corporate world to induct many a stalwart into the Power Brands Global Hall of Fame.

Mr. V. K. Bhandari, Chairman and Managing Director, Supertron Electronics , said, “ We are delighted to have received this award and appreciation from Global Power Brands compendium. This has encouraged us to work harder and set new benchmarks for the company. I thank everyone associated with this compendium for this recognition.”

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