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New Delhi, September 09, 2017: The Quint, the award-winning digital news platform, has touched new heights in a stellar performance, making it one of the leading digital journalism companies in India today.

In August 2017, The Quint (www.thequint.com, hindi.thequint.com ) clocked upwards of 54 million page views. It also crossed 47 million video views with a unique social media reach of 83 million.

The Quint offers a compelling combination of content with topics ranging from business and politics to sports and entertainment. Strong, innovative videos are one of The Quint's big offerings. Since its inception, The Quint has successfully created strong connections with its viewers, and has consistently been on a growth trajectory.

For the month of August alone, The Quint (along with Hindi Quint) affected more than 430 million impressions for its content through social media channels.

In a span of just two years, The Quint has earned the trust of some of the top global and local brands who have chosen to advertise on its platform.

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