Bengaluru, June 24, 2016: Today, Lockheed Martin and the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) announced the launch of a new cyber security education program for small and mid-size businesses to help them minimize risk from online threats. DSCI promotes data protection among the Indian industry and is partnering with Lockheed Martin to heighten the cyber security awareness of businesses and their workforce. The endeavour will romote responsible online behaviour will provide guidance on designing secure IT systems and securely managing their online presence. The program will spread discreetly across the country through a comprehensive and interactive cyber awareness portal to facilitate the journey of digital transformation of SMBs.

The initiative includes development of an interactive Cyber Security Awareness Web Portal with resources for businesses to safely and securely manage their digital presence. It is also intended to drive engagement within the SMB community through materials for businesses to train their workforce using computerbasedtraining modules, video messages and computergamesabout online safety.

The partnership also includes stakeholder engagement activities. Under the program, DSCI will also forge alliances with relevant stakeholders including industry bodies, development centres, and technical education boards for reaching out to the target segments and ensuring impact ful delivery of the program. These stakeholders will promote the program and key messages about online safety and security.

Dr. Ajay Kumar, Additional Secretary, Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY) said “I amglad that DSCI along with Lockheed Martin is launching a Cyber Security Awareness Program for Small and Medium Businesses in the country. With nearly 50 million units with over 110 million employments, and contributing overone-third of themanufacturing outputin thecountry, this sector has wide reach in large number of verticals. A program for this sector can have huge impact on a significant partof business community in thecountry and a step towardsrealizing thevision of Digital India. I wish the effort all success”

““Digital technologies will play a key role in enhancing SMBs competitiveness and their growth agenda. As SMBs and their workforce embark on their digital journeys, they need to protect themselves against cyberattacks,” said Ms Rama Vedashree, CEO, DSCI. “We are pleased to partner with Lockheed Martin to build Cyber Security Awareness among the SMB workforce in India. This would contribute to two strategicprogrammes of the country namely Make in Indiaand Digital India

Phil Shaw, Chief Executive, Lockheed Martin India, stated, Phil Shaw, Chief Executive, Lockheed Martin India, added, “Lockheed Martin is proud to partner with the Data Security Council of India given that the time is ripe for a national focused cyber awareness effort. Research indicates that only 23 percent of organizations are capable of responding effectively to a cyber incident yet the impact of a cyber attack could be wide-ranging and costly. With the increasingly interconnected nature of our critical infrastructure and data, organizations must approach cyber security more proactively than ever before in order to safeguard assets and data.

DSCI and Lockheed announced this partnership at their flagship event, Best PracticesMeet 2016, held at Bengaluru today. The event was attended by over 300 professionals including policy makers, security experts, and decision makers from various verticals. For more information about the partnership please visit www.dsci.in

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