Bangalore, July 07, 2016: Qualitrix, a Bangalore based crowdtesting company that predicts app behaviour and market acceptance of apps and business processes has kick started the ‘Startup Month’ campaign to help startups deliver winning apps faster and cheaper with on demand testing.

This campaign by Qualitrix contains six different offerings across the entire testing vertical that includes Functional testing, Load testing, Real world compatibility testing, Localization testing, Market Acceptance testing and BETA/UAT. The ‘Startup Month’ initiative will continue till the 25th of July and any startup across the globe that has a website and or an app to be tested before going to the market can opt for this service.

The Startup Month campaign by Qualitrix contains service packages with special 40% discount and Startups can opt for these services for as low as $299

On the occasion, Mayank Mittal, CEO of Qualitrix said “Building a successful start-up takes time, during which an app undergoes continuous improvements. Our objective is to support startups to create a successful venture. Qualitrix offers one-stop-solution for complete assurance needs right from validating a start-up’s concept to testing the app quality and finally predicting its acceptance with the users”

Qualitrix provides a three-tier solution that comprises on-demand specialist testing, real-world crowdtesting and market acceptance services.

SPECIALIST TESTING: Startups can get their app up and running with the help of an on-demand test specialists and be assured that the app functions as per the design and is robust to handle the expected load conditions.

REAL-WORLD COMPATIBILITY TESTING: The apps will be assessed under diverse real-world conditions that helps in checking the consistency of the app on various device models, operating systems, networks and browsers on which it will run.

MARKET ACCEPTANCE: Engage a set of target users to conduct 360° assessment of the app across different stages of appdevelopment. Ratings and early feedback from target users enhances the confidence to go live

Qualtrix provides a one-stop-shop for a startup’s QA needs covering all stages of development. Opting for these on-demand services will help startups to significantly reduce costs without compromising on the quality of test coverage. Quick start and quick results enable startups to plan iterative releases, implement required course corrections and achieve faster time to market.

Startups that are interested to know more about this campaign can visit http://qualitrix.com/test-plan or can call

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