MYSORE: Computer maker Dell India, has announced the launch of its technology solutions specifically designed for the small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the tier II towns of the country.

As per the Mr Bobby Mon, Head Enterprise Business SMB Dell India, during the past two years, the company had made 12 strategic acquisitions to boost its capability as an enterprise solutions provider with the focus on server, storage, networking and security and is presently working to establish its expertise and competitive edge in the enterprise solutions space.

The company has picked Mysore, the house of 18,000 SMBs, as one of the major regions in southern parts of the country in terms of IT spending.

Already, the SMB segment accounts for a major share of Dell's revenue in India and with country's maturing economy.

The end-to-end IT company has also strengthened its distribution system with its collaboration with Direct Channel programme aimed to to expand its penetration into Tier I and Tier II cities in the country.

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