New Delhi, October 02, 2013: Tech for tech’s sake alone is no good to anybody. It should be accessible to the masses looking for solutions to common everyday problems. Technologists have woken up to the age old challenge of making technology accessible to all and there is a lot of ongoing research for making it accessible to the masses. User experience (UX) is one such field drawing a lot of attention of product designers all over the world.

Ultimately people buy product and services because they need workable solutions for everyday problems. The last thing needed is the solution becoming part of the problem.  Therefore, it is considered a good practice to keep the complexity of the solution hidden behind an uncomplicated user interface. With better user experience, uptake of technology will only increase further, leading to overarching benefits for the society as a whole.

Knowlarity’s SmartIVR seeks to bring affordable IVR service at the doorstep of every small and medium sized business organization in India. What stands out immediately for a first time user is the user experience. Intuitive features and great UX design ensuring that the first time user feels right at home.

For many years, only very big companies, with massive IT budgets, could provide IVR services to their customers, creating a massive competitive advantage. This competitive advantage eroded quickly in the face of affordable cloud technologies. With IVR available as SaaS some small and medium sized businesses were quick to grab the advantage. Cloud based IVR services gave businesses the power of comprehensive marketing, sales and customer outreach on a single platform. Small businesses that adopted cloud IVR wholeheartedly benefited massively. However, there were the usual complaints about services being too technical which prevented whole hearted acceptance by the industry.

The SmartIVR not only provides great user experience but also a great platform for understanding call flows. At the heart of this program is SmartIVR’s new analytics dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of all incoming and outgoing calls helping in developing a marketing strategy. Considering that inbound marketing calls are routed through the IVR businesses now have the ability to monitor marketing ROI’s of multiple marketing campaign simultaneously from a single dashboard. This is in step with Knowlarity’s continuing endeavor to improve user experience.  

Once the user does not have to worry about the complexity of the underlying technology but has to focus only on the solution provided technology uptake in the SME segment is only bound to increase. From an industry perspective better UX holds the keys to the future.  -- -- CCI Newswire

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